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Under what storage conditions can the service life of refined oxalic acid be prolonged?

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1. Storage warehouse temperature changes as small as possible, not easy to wet places, refined oxalic acid and water are prone to reactions, moisture, and other reactions may occur in contact with other liquids, the application of original packaging or closed containers;

2. Although refined oxalic acid will not cause harm, necessary measures should be taken to avoid contact with human skin and eyes, causing accidental damage.

3. The surrounding environment should be dust-free.

The use effect of refined oxalic acid is better, but in order to use it for a long time and give full play to its effect, it is not only well stored in ordinary times, but also it will not deteriorate under the corresponding conditions, and its acidity will keep the corresponding pH value.

How to test the concentration of oxalic acid?

1. If the concentration of the original solution is known, the required concentration can be determined by dilution multiple. This requires accurate knowledge of the concentration of the original solution, but refined oxalic acid will volatilize, the concentration of the original solution is not very accurate.

2. The concentration of refined oxalic acid was determined by the PH value of the solution. This requires the use of a PH meter to accurately measure the PH value of the solution, and the concentration can be calculated by the corresponding formula.

4. Calculate by reacting with sodium hydroxide. Phenolphthalein can be added to the solution first, then sodium hydroxide solution can be added to the refined oxalic acid solution drop by drop until the phenolphthalein fades, then the concentration can be calculated by using the corresponding formula.

Refined oxalic acid is corrosive. In some cases, it will be diluted and used. Before getting oxalic acid, it is not clear what the concentration of oxalic acid is. The concentration of oxalic acid can be measured by the above method before considering whether to dilute it.

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