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Glyoxylic acid manufacturers teach you to test the pH value of refined oxalic acid

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1. Mixture: Take the refined oxalic acid sample and put it into the beaker. Note that the beaker must be clean, otherwise the pH value is susceptible to impurities. Add deionized water and stir well. The acidity meter was used to detect the mixing liquid after stirring.

2. Lower layer: The PH value of refined oxalic acid in the remaining beaker was detected by acidity meter.

3. Supernatant: After static mixing liquid, the supernatant of oxalic acid is absorbed into another clean beaker by rubber head dropper, and the PH value of supernatant in the beaker is measured by acidity meter. Note that the beaker is clean and measured several times. Because there are many factors affecting the pH value of refined oxalic acid, in order to obtain more accurate values, it is suggested to measure several times and take the average value.

Can industrial oxalic acid wash toilets

Tolerable! But the premise is dilution.

1. The PH value of industrial oxalic acid is very low and its acidity is very high. It plays an obvious role in cleaning calcified substances such as dirt.

2. The liquid is yellow-green and white smoke will appear in the air.

3. The hardened dirt in toilet tends to be calcified. The chemical reaction between industrial oxalic acid and dirt is used to clean up the dirt by strong acid, so as to achieve the effect of removing dirt.

4. Because it is corrosive, water should be added before using oxalic acid to wash toilet to avoid corrosion with wall and floor of toilet.

Therefore, although the use of industrial oxalic acid washing toilet can remove dirt difficult to remove in a short time, but this need to be cautious, because its corrosion performance is very strong, so not only to dilute after use, use water in a timely manner.

Anodic effect of oxalic acid

1. When the anode effect occurs, the voltage of the electrolyzer rises sharply. Its occurrence can reduce the current efficiency, affect the electrolysis index, and reduce the output and quality of oxalic acid.

2. Processing method: extinguish with effect rod, or reduce the anode, increase the amount of material.

3. With the progress of electrolysis, the oxygen ions in electrolyte decrease gradually, and to a certain extent, carbon fluoride is formed. These carbon particles prevent the contact between electrolyte and anode, and attach to the anode surface, so that oxalic acid can not wet the anode.

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