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Glyoxylic acid glyoxylic acid manufacturers

First, alias: formaldehyde formaldehyde acid, dihydroxyaldehyde acid. Molecular formula: C2H 23 molecular weight: 74

2. Physicochemical properties: This product is a colorless or yellowish liquid, which can be miscible with water and slightly soluble in ethanol and ether. It is insoluble in esters and aromatic solvents. The solution is extremely unstable but does not deteriorate in the air. Glyoxylic acid exists in the form of hydration in the aqueous solution and is corrosive.


1. Glyoxylic acid is the simplest ketonic acid (aldehyde acid), which has the properties of both acid and aldehyde. It is used as the intermediate of varnish raw materials, spices, medicines, dyes, plastics and household chemicals. It can be used to produce broad-spectrum antibiotics amoxicillin, vanillin, neojasmonaldehyde, ethyl vanillin and allantoin. And pesticide intermediates, etc.

2. Condensers and fixatives for cosmetics.

3. Used as sewage treatment agent, water quality stabilizer, etc.

Storage and transportation: sealed, sunscreen, do not contact with the air, stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place, according to toxic chemicals storage.


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