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Oxalic Acid

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Oxalic acid glyoxylic acid manufacturers

Chemical name: oxalic acid

Structural formula:图片2.jpg

Molecular formula: C2H2H24_2H2

Molecular weight: 126.07

Physicochemical properties: This product is colorless transparent crystalline, melting point 101 degree C. It is soluble in ethanol, water, ether, benzene and chloroform.

Usage: Oxalic acid is mainly used to extract rare metals, and can also be used to synthesize various oxalates, oxamides and other products. Oxalic acid can also be used in the production of cobalt-molybdenum-aluminium catalysts, cleaning of metals and marbles and bleaching of textiles.

Packaging: Plastic film lining, plastic woven bag packaging.


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